Day Eleven

Day Eleven: Pacific Ocean

Another day, another fantastic effort by the team. Today, even after being nearly two weeks into the challenge, they’ve travelled a good 1624km, 200km over the daily goal. Shout out to James Horne, who rode 101km to lead the days biggest single session. Its a testament to how well they are doing that its 200km over our daily goal, but still quite a bit less than previous days. We’re so close to the halfway mark and in great time too, 28 days seems easy for the team now…hopefully we are not speaking too soon!

Today saw us pass the islands of New Zealand and into the vast oceans of the Pacific. There won’t be much in terms of views around here, just the isolation and peace of blue seas. In a few kilometres though will be our last look at land for a good while, in the distance is a view of the Antipodes Islands.

Antipodes Islands

The Antipode Islands are small, volcanic, uninhabitable islands to the south of New Zealand. A unique feature of these islands are Megaherbs, huge herbaceous flowers that have adapted to live, exclusively in the harsh conditions of the weather conditions on the New Zealand subantarctic islands. The massive flowers are categorised by their unusually coloured flowers and huge leaves, often growing to over 2 metres tall. The Antipode’s are also an important wildlife conversation area, where 4 types of albatross and 2 types of penguins breed.

Muscle Finesse

We’d like to take some time to thank our friends at Muscle Finesse, @musclefinessepeterborough and @musclefinessewholesale who provided us with over 1,000 packages of supplement for the challenge. The team have relied heavily on these over the past weeks, each receiving 2 pouches of protein powder and 1 pouch of energy powder. The gifts are much appreciated and hopefully will continue to keep our team going through the rest of their intensive journey.

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Key statistics

Distance Travelled:  20,091‬km

Journey Finished: 48.91%

Money Raised: £4,610

Countries Visited: 18 Countries

Day 11 Leader Board

  1. Kimberley Langley – 125km
  2. Darren Fox – 102.51km
  3. James Horne – 101.31km

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