Day Twelve

Day Twelve: Half Way


An absolutely smashing effort by the team has seen them hit and pass the halfway mark 20,537.5‬km, after only twelve days, 2 days ahead of schedule. This is some achievement, with everyone weighing in with a great effort over the last 12 days. As we pass through New Zealand, the other side of the world, we’ll take a minute to thank each and everyone taking part for how hard they are working. Please show them some appreciation by donating to MSF via the Just Giving page here.

As we go in and out of New Zealand it will see us start our epic voyage rowing through the oceans, the Pacific, specifically. This part of the journey spans over 10,000km and is by far the most challenging part of the journey.

Once again a huge well done to the team who have put in a massive shift so far, it’s not easy to keep motivated in times like these but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone on the journey so far! During Day 12s efforts we also saw a new biggest ride of the trip, by just 90metres, with Neil Tandy cycling out 200.18km. There are rumours of a big group trip out on Day 13, so will that be beaten again?

We’ve passed through 18 countries, covered over 20,000km and raised nearly £5,000 for MSF. Let’s take a look and see how far we’ve come over such a short time already.


Day One – Our first day took us a whopping 2,329km from the base at Elevate and ended up in Bulgaria, we passed through 9 countries in Europe, which was our biggest in one day.

Day Two – The second day saw us travel another impressive distance, 2,218km. Passing through Turkey, Syria and Iraq, some of the areas where MSF operate most extensively.

Day Three – Dropped us into the ocean for the first part of our rowing leg of the challenge. Not before passing through Iran though, travelling a total of 1,856km.

Day Four – We’re making real progress now, another 1,855km visiting the beautiful country of India and learning about the benefits of mediation, yoga and vegetarianism.

Day Five – Vivid wildlife, cricket and tea waiting for us after trekking 1,536km to the island nation of Sri Lanka. Celebrating the diverse wildlife and looking at the benefits of team sports.

Day Six – The 4th most populous country awaited us on the sixth day. Another great effort with 1,476km. Made up from over 17,000 thousand islands! We took a look into staying fit in lockdown.

Day Seven – Still in Indonesia today, the journey slowed down (it was a Sunday!) Although we had a commendable 922km. We looked at the importance of resting, sleep and recovery.

Day Eight – With the first week over, we headed to Australia for the second week. Another great effort of 2,233km allowed us to reach the desert shores of Australia and learn about cricket and Aussie rules.

Day Nine – It’s important to look into nature and culture to reflect on life, that’s what we did when we travelled 2,507km to learn about the great barrier reef and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Day Ten – We looked at the crisis that MSF is fighting in COVID-19. We travelled 1,435km over the epic landscapes featured in The Lord of the Rings films.

Day Eleven The final day before hitting halfway, After travelling 1624km the team is well and truly in the middle of the ocean. We have a peek at the Antipodes Islands through our binoculars.

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Key statistics

Distance Travelled:  21,517km

Journey Finished:  52.38%

Money Raised: £ 4,794

Countries Visited: 18 Countries

Day 12 Leader Board

  1. Neil Tandy – 200.18km
  2. Kim Langley – 115.9km
  3. Jon Phillips – 105km

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