Day Ten

Day Ten: Tasman Sea

Following a massive Day 9, with the teams biggest total yet, Day 10 proved to be a little quieter as we left the idyllic beaches of Australia and rowed 1,435km across the Tasman Sea to end up in halfway between the two island countries of Australia and New Zealand. We’re now rapidly approaching the halfway point, way ahead of pace! New Zealand is known for it’s laid back lifestyle and picturesque landscapes, famously showcased in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It has strong Indigenous Maori culture and the country is famous for their love of rugby, with their national team, the All Blacks, winning the Rugby World Cup a record 3 times.

COVID-19 Free

With everything that has been going on overshadowing life lately, it’s always great to see some good news. New Zealand has lifted all of the Covid restrictions and has been declared virus-free, just in time for the team to pass by tomorrow. This is shortly after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that there are no active cases in the country, with none having been reported for the last two weeks. The new rules mean social distancing is not required and there are limits on public gatherings, but borders remain closed. Being an isolated Island nation has helped, but the way New Zealand has handled the Covid-19 pandemic is highly impressive and something many other countries can take learnings from. In times of such uncertainty, it’s great to hear some positive news and hopefully is leading the way for the rest of the world.

However, elsewhere there is still plenty more work to do and MSF has been continuing to fight the battle against Covid-19 across the globe.


Italy has been the epicentre of the pandemic in Europe, MSF has been working in Rome where their teams have been supporting a health care clinic, hosting more than 500 refugees.

In Paris, France, MSF are helping detect and diagnose people with the Coronavirus. Working with shelters, homeless people, nursing homes and other vulnerable people from their mobile clinics, they are trying to reduce the spread of the disease across some of the most vulnerable parts of society.

In other parts of the world MSF are working even harder; from 50-room buildings in Iraq to isolate and take care of Covid patients to providing 100s of beds in Bamako, Mali’s capital, and much, much more.

MSF has been working incredibly hard fighting an uphill battle against the pandemic, such unprecedented circumstances mean their efforts around the world need more support from us than ever. I know we keep asking but please do everything you can to help MSF and the elevate crew, by donating here. You can learn more about MSF’s efforts against Covid here.

We nearly halfway through our journey now and the same with our fundraising target, so please keep helping us push forward. Keep updated with us at Elevate by visiting our Facebook and Instagram.

Key statistics

Distance Travelled:  18,467‬km

Journey Finished:  44.96%

Money Raised: £4,421

Countries Visited: 18 Countries

Day 10 Leader Board

  1. Darren Fox – 113.79km
  2. Dan Cumberworth – 107.03km
  3. Kimberley Langley – 102.5km

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