Meet Our Members: Joe Sagoe

Here at Elevate we are all about community and working together to support each other’s fitness journeys. By sharing our journeys with one another it has helped motivate and provide a fantastic support network to our members and celebrate each other’s achievements. This week we caught up with Joe, who has trained with Foxy.

Hi Joe, please could introduce yourself to our readers. 

Hi, my names Joe Sagoe, I’m 28 and a hobby of mine is playing Rugby.

So, Joe. How long have you been training at Elevate/training with Dan and Foxy for?

I’ve been training with Dan and Foxy since they were in Orton so a couple of years now and I’ve been at Elevate since it opened. 

What are your personal goals for coming to the gym?

 My personal goals are to lose weight, get fitter and stronger. 

How did Foxy help you to achieve your fitness goals? 

At the start, we sat down and discussed my goals to ensure they were achievable. I wanted to lose 20kg, so we then had a conversation on how we were going to do that and what we need to do outside of training to hit my goal. This meant a change of lifestyle and to be more active.

Because Foxy knew this, he then took a special interest in me during classes and pushed me to work harder doing heavier reps. He made sure I worked as hard as I could but, it wasn’t in an army drill sort of way, it was more motivational as he says you can do more. 

He’s also on my rugby team and is always helpful with tips as to what exercise I should do outside of the gym. It’s the same with Dan. He’s great, he also pushed me during the Olympic Weightlifting classes but, he was more technical focused and didn’t push me to lift heavier weights, he instead helped me to fine tune the stuff I had learnt in Foxy’s sessions.  

Which classes do you enjoy doing at Elevate?

I like Olympic Weightlifting, Elevate, WOD, Fitness Fridays (Accelerate), Tuesday Strong and on a Wednesday the WOD. I really enjoy strength training. 

What was it like training with Dan & Foxy?

Training with Foxy is really good. There’s a good overall environment and culture. Everyone is encouraging and friendly, it’s like a community. You have a chat before your workout and people pop in and out. From a staff perspective Foxy, Dan, Josh and James are always friendly up for a chat and to help

Foxy is good. Outside he looks scary but, when you get to know him, he’s really fun. Well maybe not fun, but hard work! I took Mum she’s in her 50’s if there’s anything she couldn’t do Foxy and Dan could scale it down. It just a friendly place to go which caters for all abilities. They push you as much as you want them to push you 

How does it feel to have reached your fitness target?

It feels amazing. My confidence is up in so many different areas of my life. My goal was to lose 20kg but somehow managed to lose 26kg! It was good dropping the weight and finally fitting into my clothes that didn’t fit anymore. It also has helped with my rugby as I won Player of the year award. 

Could you give one piece of advice to someone wanting to achieve a similar fitness goal?

I think one major thing is don’t be intimidated, just go along. I think at the start, when I wasn’t fit, I thought its’ going to be hard, everyone will be miles ahead, but it was fine. I’d say just get stared and stick with it. It took me a year and a half and consistency. 

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