Let’s Get Technical: Landmine

We’re back once again to bring you another blog in our Let’s Get Technical series. This week we’re going to take a look at Landmines. Land mines are a barbell anchored to a pivot, with a weight, normally a plate on the other end. A useful tool that allows for both vertical and horizontal movements. If you’d like more personal training, why not book in with one of our personal trainers at Elevate?

How it’s done

Set Up

  • Comfortable stance with feet somewhere between hip and shoulder-width apart
  • Arms locked out and hands just about eye line

Down Phase

  • Bring the bar down to the hip, this will cause the arms to bend and the body to rotate (don’t over think it)

Muscles Action

  • Eccentric loads through the anterior and posterior chain.
  • Isometric loads through the posterior and anterior chain controlling the body’s posture.

Up Phase 

  • Reverse the movement by initially utilising power from the hips and legs to get the bar moving
  • Staying strong through the torso bringing the arms back to your start position 

Muscles Action

  • Concentric loads through posterior chain.
  • Isometric loads through the entire posterior and anterior chain controlling the body’s posture and controlling the kettlebell.


  • Take your time with the weights, slow and steady is the key to this one.
  • Smooth movements will be your friend here, keep form and you’ll be golden.
  • Only go low and do what you can control, you will be able to handle more weight after practice.

Dan Cumberworth

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