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Elevate The big functional circuit. This combines all elements of strength, power and fitness for an interval based full body dynamic workout. You will use a mix of functional equipment such as sled, slam balls, Bulgarian bags, kettlebells, ski-erg and the rower. Strong Strength, a key component to tap into your true potential. Strong combines strength, power and endurance through loaded and progressive exercises that will challenge and empower your body and mind. Improve technique in your key and primal movements using the sled, dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. Accelerate Build your stamina, increase your speed. The focus will be on cardio through a variety of exercises, usually working for 30secs or more. A combination of fitness and endurance will help improve the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. Expect to use a range of equipment including the rower, static bike, ski-erg, light weights and a bit of running aswell. Olympic Weightlifting Learn the art of Olympic Weightlifting. A discipline that consists of 2 main lifts; the clean and jerk, and the snatch. Both lifts require strength, power and mobility and is an addictive way to lift weights. Olympic Weightlifting has a direct relationship to physical performance found in all sports. WOD Not just another Work out of the Day. WOD can build on power, strength and fitness, for an all over body workout. This will be based around either set reps or for time, where a challenging workout will be set. It will be a mix of body weight and loaded exercises, with frequent use of kettlebells.



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