A chat with Lynne Owen

Please introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Lynne Owen, I am 53 and I’m pretty active, always have been. I love the gym, not for the usual reasons or needing to have a fitness programme or for weight loss but really because I just love working out and I like being active and there is usually a great bunch of people at the gym who are like-minded. My other hobby is horse riding.

What made you want to join Elevate? 

I wanted to join Elevate because I have been training with Darren Fox and Dan Cumberworth for a number of years. I highly recommend them as trainers and also as human beings, I have total trust in their ethos. 

What are your current fitness goals?

To maintain my fitness levels, to maintain a decent amount of muscle at my age and to be as healthy as possible. 

Which classes were you doing at Elevate before the lockdown?

My situation is slightly different as I have been training with Darren and Dan for a number of years, I moved down to Essex about two years ago, so I’ve never has the opportunity to attend Elevate Gym, to a certain degree the online classes are an absolute godsend for me because it means I can still train with Darren and Dan, all be it at a distance. 

Which online classes are you enjoying? 

I do every day at 17:15. 

Have you tried any other online classes?

When I moved down to Essex I joined a gym down here and they have also been doing online classes, they’re a CrossFit gym, it’s a great gym, brilliant but, my preference is to train with Darren and Dan. I like their way of training, their ethos, their care also I know Ian Tennant so if I didn’t work full time I would 100% join in with his classes also.

Do you think the online sessions are helping you through this lockdown?

100 % yes. 

Which online class is your favourite? 

I have attended the weekend classes also, the 9 o’clock on Saturday and the 10 o’clock on Sunday but, all of them are great, I can’t fault them. 

Could you offer one piece of advice to someone wanting to achieve a similar fitness goal? 

Get quality advice and get quality training and be consistent with it. It’s essential that you enjoy it, If you don’t enjoy it, it will be a chore and no one likes to do chores.

We want to keep you motivated and on track during this lockdown so, we have made all of our online classes free which you can now book by clicking here: https://www.elevatefitnessuk.com/group-classes/

We hope to see you soon (virtually of course).

If you are a member at our Elevate gym and would like to share your fitness journey then please get in touch info@elevatefitnessuk.com we’d love to hear from you.

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