Meet Zoe: Our competition winner

On Friday 18th September we spoke to our competition winner Zoe King, who was ecstatic to have won an annual pass to our brand new Elevate gym in Peterborough. Now a familiar face around Elevate, we caught up with her to see how she’s been getting on and find out what encouraged her to enter our competition with the Peterborough Telegraph.

What made you decide to enter our competition?

Zoe: I was scrolling and saw an ad pop up for the competition. I recognised the gym as my parents had watched Elevate being built, however, I saw Elevate as a gym for the pros and the top guys, not somewhere I would normally consider. Despite this, I wanted to enter the competition anyway. I couldn’t believe it when I won, I immediately rang my partner.

What were your first impressions of our Elevate gym in Peterborough?

Zoe: Great! After recently having a baby and the worries about Covid I have been very nervous to start at the gym again. Therefore, I had made up my mind and was set on not going back until next year. However, being at Elevate I don’t have those worries. I feel confident going there and feel like I’ve settled right in.

I haven’t been to a gym before where the instructors know everyone’s name. It’s different to the other gyms that I have been to, I’m really enjoying the variety and the guidance. The coaches are very friendly and give me the confidence to ask for help, something I wouldn’t normally have the confidence to do. The classes also feel more like PT, I’m learning so much.

Have you been to a gym before?

Zoe: Yes, I used to go the gym, I enjoy my fitness and have ran in the London Marathon before, but I always find myself a bit lost in the Gym. I would normally rely on my partner giving me some guidance on what to do, but that’s what I’m enjoying about being at Elevate, it’s great to have such variety. I’m getting to use equipment I would never normally have the confidence to use and I am eager to have a go at boxing.

What do you like about Elevate/what makes it different to other gyms?

Zoe: The people are friendly and are a mix of all ages and abilities; in my first class a mother and daughter took me under their wing it was lovely.

I’m enjoying seeing familiar faces each week and the guidance I’m receiving is great too. The small class numbers are a nice change, it’s a more personal approach.  The coaches are so helpful and have helped me to correct my form and select the correct weights. I feel privileged to be there and can’t believe how much I have stuck gold.

After lockdown do you feel confident being back at the gym?

Zoe: I couldn’t feel better for it. I had been doing at home workouts throughout the lockdown but, I’m glad to be at the gym. If it

wasn’t for this competition I wouldn’t have gone back until next year, I felt it was meant to be and was the push I needed, as I just didn’t have the confidence to return to my gym. I haven’t even been to the shops yet, but I feel confident going to Elevate. I just want other people in my position to have the confidence to go back, if I can do it, the world’s biggest worrier, then anyone can!

What do you hope to achieve in the gym this year / what are your fitness goals while at Elevate?

Zoe: I want to feel good and get back into shape after having a baby, that’s my focus. I would be happy for you to follow my journey, hopefully it can inspire other women in my position to have the confidence to also start at the gym again.  

We’re delighted to have Zoe as a member here at Elevate we’ll check in with her throughout the year, to share her progress with you. If you would like to join Zoe at Elevate, click here to book a class.

Zoe King
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