Meet our Members: A chat with Ruby

Here at Elevate we are all about community and working together to support each other’s fitness journeys. By sharing our journeys with one another it has helped motivate and provide a fantastic support network to our members and celebrate each other’s achievements. This week we caught up with Ruby, who regularly attends our classes.

Hi Ruby, please could you introduce yourself to our readers

Hello, my names Ruby, I’m 17 years old and currently I’m studying sport at sixth form. I love being outdoors and everything fitness based. I’m also interested in competitions and being in a motivating atmosphere. 

So, what are your fitness goals? 

I more interested in seeing what my body can. I like to test it to see what weights I can lift and see how many burpees I can do. I enjoy pushing myself and testing my limits. 

How long have you been a member here now? What made you want to join Elevate?

Since it opened. I used to train with Dan and Foxy at Escape but I got more interested in coming to the gym when I came here. I think what made me stay was how it’s more of a family, everyone knows everyone. Even when new people come its inviting, so I never felt like an outsider, even though I wasn’t someone who came frequently. 

What do you expect from a class at Elevate?

Enjoyment. It’s the highlight of my day. When I’m sat at school I just want to be at the gym. I expect to be happy by the end of it. 

What do you think to the trainers?

I think they are the most motivating and accepting people. They can regress and progress movements to suit you. They care for each person, even in the busier classes and you can always approach them no matter your questions. 

What surprised you most about Elevate?

I think because a lot of the people here look so fit and able, you come in thinking oh, I’m going to be the lesser talented or able person but, it’s not. You don’t feel like that. Everyone helps everyone, there’s no competitiveness with each other, just with yourself. It’s nice to have that relaxed motivating atmosphere. 

Which classes is your favourite?

I think I like a mix of all of them. I love the strong because I can push myself and move up to the next weight. I also enjoy Accelerate because I like to be jumping, running and sprinting. 

What keeps you at Elevate?

I think the community. The fact that they take it further than the gym, they want you to stay and have a coffee after class or get involved with competitions and other social events like the BBQ. 

I wouldn’t go anywhere else, even when I go to university I’ll come here when on the weekends, I’ll find time. 

Why not give our classes a go. All abilities are welcomed. Tap the link below to book:

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