Meet our members: A chat with Jacci

Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, I’m Jacci Robinson I’m 32 years old and my main hobby is fitness. I’m a Les Mills Body Combat instructor who enjoys travelling and reading. 

How long have you been training with Elevate?

I’ve been training her for 2 months now and my favourite class is Elevate. I really enjoy this class because it’s a good all-rounder session focusing on cardio, strength and a mix of upper body/lower body movement and a wide variety of equipment.  But It’s closely followed by the WOD and Strong sessions as my join second. 

What are your fitness goals? 

I want to get fitter and stronger but, specifically I want to build muscle in my lower body and become leaner. I enjoy the exercise as it makes me feel more confident. It’s also for superficial reason because I enjoy way it makes me look but, it does make you feel better and more able. I enjoy having a goal as it makes coming to the gym more fun, seeing the progression. 

Have you seen any progress since joining?

Yes, not only do I feel fitter but, with the kettlebell flows I’m getting much stronger and have moved up a weight. I have also improved my technique. When I do things in the other gyms it feels a lot easier and when I do things here, I’m trying things I’ve never done before which makes it much more exciting. 

How did you get into using My Zone?

So, I used to work at escape fitness, and they sold it there, so I started using it for a year and went travelling. So, I was without it but then I re brought another one about a year ago. 

How does wearing the belt help you to reach your goals?

I’d say, it helps me push myself. I enjoy using it as I want to see myself get into the red. I do find it frustrating sometimes when I’m not in the red zone and it does push me to work that bit harder as long as I don’t obsess over it. I always try and beat it on the next workout. It also helps me when lifting weights, if I can see my heart rate is low then I know to put the weight up. 

How do you use it here at Elevate?

I like to watch the screen during the classes to see where my heart rate is at to see if I can push myself further or not. Sometimes I see I’m in the yellow and think I can push myself a bit more. I also use ‘My fitness Pal’ to look at my calories but it doesn’t tell my how many calories I’ve burnt, it just shows me the one I’ve eaten. 

What has it been like training here at Elevate?

I’ve been to a lot of gym this is by far the best gym I’ve been to. The equipment is great. All the trainers are highly knowledgably and very friendly. They are always on hand to give you great advice and talk things through with you. It has a real community spirit here. I find at most gyms people don’t really talk to each other but here they do and the people motivate you and spire you on. 

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