Lulu & Angelina’s joint personal training experience at Elevate

Lulu and Angelina have been training with us here at Elevate for the past year and are both now members of our Elevate 100 club, meaning they have completed 100 training sessions with us.

Coming from a sporting background they have been working hard with Dan in their joint personal training sessions to achieve their individual fitness goals so this week we sat down with them both to find out how they’re getting on.

Afternoon both, please could you introduce yourselves to our readers:

Hello, I’m Lulu, 26 and I’m Angelina 28 years old – we are sisters if you couldn’t tell already! We’ve both always been into sport and fitness but we’re also partial to baking and eating cake.

Please can you share you fitness goals?

Angelina: I’d like to build muscle and lose fat. I’ve also started playing hockey again so improving my cardiovascular fitness, power and strength will also be useful.

Lulu: My personal goals are to get fitter and leaner! I’d also love to take part in one of the Hyrox Competitions. You can find out about Hyrox here

As your PT how has Dan supported you so far?

Angelina: We have been having regular PT sessions with Dan since May and I’ve had the chance to learn the proper techniques of how to lift as well as work on my individual weaknesses. For me, it’s sometimes a confidence thing and Dan has helped me to push myself and believe that I can do it.

Lulu: The program of exercises always gets switched up every few weeks, but we are able to see how we’ve improved our strength and overall fitness.

What do you think to our classes? Do you have a favourite?

We usually go to a mixture of them – WOD is good because you never know what it’s going to be, the Elevate class is varied and we also like the Strong class. You can read more about our classes here

How does it compare to your other gym experiences?

Not only are the PTs very friendly and encouraging, so are the members at Elevate. You don’t walk into Elevate with nerves (like we have done at other gyms), you are genuinely excited for class. And that’s because everyone is there for the same reason, motivating each other along the way. It really is the most supportive gym we’ve ever been in.

Why do you keep coming back?

Lulu: The Elevate community! There is such a positive feeling as soon as you enter the gym. The PT’s and members are all so supportive and encouraging. Not only have our fitness levels improved, but we have also made some amazing new friendships through Elevate. 

Angelina: Going to Elevate is a habit that has integrated into my everyday life without it feeling like a chore. Besides from the physical benefits of training, I’ve also seen the benefits in other aspects of my life – my ability to concentrate at work, sleep better and overall be a healthier and happier person.

Want to kickstart your own fitness journey?

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