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James Horne
James Horne

From a very young age my world has focused around fitness and sport. I have competed in athletics and volleyball at national level in 16 national championships, reaching a ranking of 3rd in the UK for high jump and have been a member of Peterborough Athletics Club for many years.

Having chosen to make health and fitness my career, I am happiest when I am helping clients to progress through their journeys to achieve specific goals. Having suffered a significant spinal sports injury myself, I always emphasise the importance of remaining strong through the pillar (core), helping clients to remain injury free.

I have a particular interest in American sports (being part of an American football team) and recently gaining my “Sports Performance Specialist” Qualification through The American College of Sports Medicine. With this knowledge I am able to help clients who compete in sport to enhance and improve their performance. Whatever your health, fitness or sport performance goals are, I look forward to working with you to achieve them.

Josh Lilley
Josh Lilley

Hi, my name is Josh and I am a new member of the team at Elevate

I am a postgraduate from Leeds Beckett University where I read Sport and exercise Science. I am a keen Rugby player, representing Peterborough Rugby Football Club and I live and breathe health and fitness!

Following on from my degree, I have enhanced my knowledge in the fitness industry through continuous personal development including qualifications in nutrition, kettle bells and suspension training, to name a few. I am committed to continuing my knowledge and education in the industry.

My goal is to have the most positive impact I can on clients, encouraging and supporting them to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves! For this, I take a holistic approach, covering performance, mind-set and lifestyle.

I can be booked for PT and group sessions; I look forward to seeing you here at Elevate!

Darren Fox
Darren Fox

Foxy is a very much ‘what you see, is what you get’ chap. He is an ex- professional rugby player and coach, having played for Northampton Saints, Cambridge Rugby Club and Bedford Blues. Foxy has over 20 years training experience and specialises in sports conditioning and coaching for all ages.

Foxy’s talent and knowledge is endless and he has a clear passion to help people. His training style is absolute. A no nonsense, let’s get this done attitude, with a fun approachable manner. His absolute focus is on the physical and mental benefits of training. Foxy’s motivation and empowering personality will take you up to the next level.

Foxy is also very much a family man. So when he is not training you will find him spending time with his 3 sons, and supporting his rugby team.

Dan Cumberworth
Dan Cumberworth

Dan is a leading personal trainer with over 13 years’ experience. He is a very knowledgeable trainer. His passion for movement therapy and mental development within exercise, is just one area that drives him. A martial arts guru with a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Dan has also represented Great Britain and achieved World and British titles.

Dan is very well respected and holds almost every fitness and nutrition qualification available. Dan appeals to every type of client due to his in-depth knowledge, and approachable, non-intimidating style. From building muscle, nutrition and weight loss, to stretching and educating – you’re in good hands with Dan!

When not empowering people to be their best, Dan can be found reading his Marvel comics, as well as rock climbing, playing golf, flying kites and being a fundamentally down to earth family guy.

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