Your Energy Balance

This month we are looking at diet so for this weeks blog we wanted to start with ‘Your Energy Balance’. Take a read to learn all about how you can aid your weightless journey by understanding a bit more about your body.

Your Energy Balance

The bodies energy balance is something you may hear quite a lot about when people are talking about wanting to loose weight.  But what is your energy balance?  Your energy balance is the relationship between energy in and energy out, or in other words the food or calories that you eat and drink in comparison to the calories you burn though your daily activities and exercise.

The energy balance is really as simple as that and this relationship between energy in and energy out has a bearing on whether weight is gained, lost or maintained.  But of course there is more going on than just that. Other key factors are our metabolism and hormone balance as this changes whether we are in a positive energy balance (more in than out) or a negative energy balance (more out than in) and we shall discuss these in later weeks.  But for now let look at your energy balance.

Negative Energy Balance

Typically if your goal is to reduce in any form (fat, weight, muscle) you need to be in a negative state.  

Your body does not like being in a negative energy balance however, so your body will after while down regulate your metabolism to minimise that defect.  That’s why most of these reduced calorie diets produce great effects at first but then slowly seem to stop working as well (your body isn’t stupid).  That’s why cycling your energy in and exercise volume are key to sustained results from energy balance perceptive.

In an ideal world when you’re in a negative state your body uses your fat reserves as the fuel back up tank.  But we don’t live in an ideal world, and the western diet predominantly prevents us from accessing these fat fuel reserves.  However this can change from person to person.  

In extreme negative states the body can switch to catabolising muscle for it’s fuel source, which in no circumstances can I think this as being a good idea.  Further, in severe negative energy balance cases you can even reduce bone mass, effect thyroid hormone and testosterone levels and find it hard focusing and concentrating.  Ultimately your overall physical performance is on a nasty slippery slope, your body is basically shutting down, which is not good.

Positive Energy Balance

This positive energy balance is unfortunately where a majority of us will be residing and hence carrying a little more than we need to.  Over consuming however has just as many health risks and under eating.

Prolonged regular over consumption can lead to the build up of plaque in your arteries, raise your blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce your sensitivity to insulin and potentially cause diabetes and also raise the risk of certain cancers.  

All that being said however, a positive energy balance is exactly what you’re going to have to be in if your goals are to gain lean muscle mass.  Providing you’re partaking in at least 4 hours of intense exercise per week and have the proper nutrition, the positive energy balance won’t carry with them the negative side effects above.

So what next?

Ok so you now understand what energy balance is, but simply switching to either side of the energy scale won’t necessarily create the physique that you desire.  In fact with just a nutritional intervention you’re likely to create a larger or smaller version of the same shape you already are.  With the intervention of exercise you can sculpt and change the shape of your body more easily.

Change isn’t easy and that’s why so many fall off the bandwagon.  Either journey to lose body fat or to gain lean mass can and is uncomfortable but with simple steps this can be done with minimal upset.

If you have a specific goals please feel free to come and talk to us and we can set out the road to get there. Email for PT or for any fitness related questions.

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