Day Twenty-six

Day Twenty-six: Finished


28 Countries, 36 riders, OVER 41,075km completed in just 26 days! Two whole days short of the target. An absolutely huge congratulations goes out to all our participants who’ve put in a ridiculous amount of time and effort to raise money for MSF. We have seen some incredible efforts, from 200km rides, to 50km SkiErgs, via swimming, rowing and daily 4:30am sessions, everyone who has taken part has put their heart and soul into the challenge. They can be proud of their efforts, as we are now just £200 off our £10k target for MSF. Can you help us get there??

What a journey its been. And now we are back in England, at the Elevate studio in Peterborough, ready to enjoy a few drinks and a slap up meal. The team will be out for one final ride today, taking a group cycle around the area to soak in their achievements and celebrate the trip.

It seems fitting that on the final leg back into Peterborough the 3 biggest distances came from 3 of our biggest hitters of the challenge. Kimberley Langley lead the way, both on the last day, overall and every week, closely followed by Darren Fox and Dan Cumberworth, fitting for the founders of the gym and creators of the challenge.

We can’t thank you all enough for the generosity and support you’ve all shown to the team throughout the past month. The riders have been extremely motivated by watching all of the heartfelt messages and donations flood in everyday, helping push them that extra couple of kilometres. The support from everyone at home has really made the difference and it thanks you at home that we can support MSF and the fantastic work they do.

A well-earned rest should be in order but knowing our group of riders with two days left I’m sure they’ll still be out on the bikes tomorrow smashing out some more distance.

Key statistics

Distance Travelled: 41,075‬‬km

Journey Finished: 100% !!!!

Money Raised: £9,812

Countries Visited: 28 Countries

Day 26 Leader Board

  1. Kimberley Langley – 104km
  2. Darren Fox – 83km
  3. Dan Cumberworth – 82km

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We have done it! What an achievement by the team, please show your support for their huge efforts and donate to the Just Giving page here.

Thank you to everyone who has kept updated along the way with Instagram here and tracked our daily progress on our map below too.

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