Day Twenty-five

Day Twenty-five: France

We are nearly there! A scramble over the Atlas Mountains, a quick dip to cool down in the Mediterranean Sea, another cycle through the sunny cities of Spain and we’ve ended up in the Bay of Biscay, just outside the borders of France. After 25 days of running, cycling and rowing (plus the off swim) we are just one country from home. With another great effort by the team today clocking in 1230km, you can tell they are hungry to finish this challenge strong – or maybe just hungry from the smell of fish and chips, which is growing ever stronger. Today will hopefully be the penultimate day of cycling before we hit the goal but I suspect a lot of them won’t stop until the 28-day mark is up.

There have been so many fantastic efforts throughout this journey and your support has been just as important. We hope you’ve enjoyed following us, don’t stop yet, as we still need to get home and we’ll have a full round up of the journey afterwards aswell!

(Don’t forget to donate either, we are now just £500 short of our £10k goal! Just Giving page here. )

We’re on a gruelling multiple week cycling challenge and we’re currently in France – Does this ring a bell to anyone else? All that’s left is a nice, gentle cycle along the famous hill climbs of the Tour de France…

Tour de France

The Tour de France, by far one of the most famous sporting events in the world. The legendary cycling races features eight mountain stages with four summit finishes, nine flat stages, three hilly stages and one individual time trial, covering a total of 1200km in 21 days (nothing for most of our team!) If you want to know why the tour is so brutal and why it’s such a big deal check out the video below.

In our own Tour de France, a huge effort by Darren Fox with 161km, leading the peloton to the home stretch back to Elevate. It rightly awards him the coveted yellow jersey for this leg of the journey, although he will still have to go some way to taking the overall top spot, occupied by Kimberley Langley. She has done an incredible 2800km on this journey. Top work Kim!

Its not just about Kim though, its about everyone who has taken part. From those who have done huge distances, to the consistency of those doing the same distances each day, via the people who have fitted in their distances in between fulltime work (and life!) we thank you all. A great effort by everyone.


Its fair to say most of the team will be sick of the site of a bike by now, but they’ll certainly be seeing the benefits of 4 weeks of cycling. It is a low impact sport, fantastic for anyone who would like to start getting fit and most importantly having fun! It’s a great family activity as well as numerous health benefits including:

  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Muscle strength and tone
  • Increased mental wellbeing
  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Reduced stress

Cycling is recommended by the NHS as an ideal form of exercise to improve health and wellbeing, its a great way of exploring your local area and improving your fitness at the same time.

If you want to get into cycling you can learn more about it on from Cycling UK, a charitable organisation with loads of great tips on how to stay active and start cycling.

Key statistics

Distance Travelled: 40237‬‬km

Journey Finished: 97.95%

Money Raised: £9,412

Countries Visited: 28 Countries

Day 25 Leader Board

  1. Darren Fox – 161km
  2. James Horne – 103.8km
  3. Steve Smith – 93.75km

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