Day Twenty-one

Day Twenty-one: Atlantic Ocean

Into the fourth and final week! The team had a tough 3rd week but still kept things well ahead of schedule and we can almost say we’re on the home straight…but with Africa still to travel through, we’re a long way from Werrington yet.

It feels like as soon as we had our feet back on dry land, we’re now straight back into the ocean. Well, it’s no surprise as the oceans cover nearly 70% of the surface. Out of the Pacific and into the Atlantic this time though. Like most Sundays, it’s been a bit of a slower day, with the team only managing to rack up 864km, still a commendable effort. That’s what Sunday’s are for anyway, taking it a bit slower and having a look what’s around. You need time to recharge the batteries and keep motivated, it’s not possible to keep busy all the time. As a famous philosopher once said:

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 


Fernando de Noronha

Speaking of moving a bit slower and looking around, today we passed the volcanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. Renowned for the pristine beaches and warm, clear waters, the islands are a hidden gem. The 21 islands and islets are often mentioned as an indescribable beauty and were recently declared a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco. Its a superb spot for outdoor activities kind include surfing and snorkelling – as the island boasts some of clearest waters in the world.


As we reach the final week, we thought we would look at what keeps people going through a challenge like this or just life in general. Motivation is an interesting concept, extremely powerful, yet often fleeting when most needed. When talking about motivation the author Steven Pressfield, “At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.” In other words, there is a tipping point of where it because easier to change than to stay the same. The insecurity in the gym overcomes the self-loathing of being sat on the couch. In a sense, that’s what motivation is.

How to stay motivated?

Scheduling is the most important thing you can do – if you want to work out, set a time each day to work out. You then know exactly what you need to do and when, if you don’t you end up spending half the day waiting for motivation to come around and kickstart your workout that day. Which means its easy for it not to come around at all.

Other things you can do to stay motivated include resting at appropriate times so you are good to go when you need to and allowing yourself some freedom if things don’t go right. You’ve got to be disciplined but don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go exactly to plan. If you’re too hard on yourself you’ll never grow or learn and end up discouraging yourself. It’s the most important thing that the train stays on the tracks, not how fast it goes

Sometimes it’s easier if you don’t have to motivate yourself and you have someone telling you what to do. Dan and Foxy are more than happy to do this! Our classes are about motivating you to reach your fitness goals, whatever they are. So while you still can’t get in the gym check out our livestreams, all you need to do is turn up and have Foxy or Dan tell you what to do.

Key statistics

Distance Travelled: 34,974km

Journey Finished:  85.15%

Money Raised: £8,159

Countries Visited: 20 Countries

Day 21 Leader Board

  1. George Swallow – 124km
  2. Pete Kolakowski – 76km
  3. Jon Paine – 67km

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