Day Twenty-three

Day Twenty-three: Mauritania

It feels good to be firmly back in the seats of the bike after all the journeys across the seas. We’ve hit the West African country of Mauritania today, after travelling 1319km today. Certainly one of the lesser known countries of the world, but with the current weather we are experiencing in the UK it feels like we’ve got a similar climate right now!

After not seeing much for a couple of days, we’ve now passed through four different countries in one day. That means we’ve hit 24 of the 28 countries. We’re motoring through Africa, with less than 3300km left the epic challenge is finally coming to an and and we can almost taste the fish and chips back in England.

A quick shout out to Steve Smith, who has been one of our most consistent performers of the trip. He is regularly smashing out 100km rides and has now done nearly 2000km in total. Top work from him!

As we’re coming to the final leg of the journey, let’s take some time to reflect on why we’re doing this, after all.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

The whole reason for the challenge is we’re aiming to raise money for MSF, a global movement with 30,000 staff across 70 countries, delivering medical care to where it’s needed most.  In trying times such as these it’s important that we all give back to those who are most in need and support those who dedicate their lives to helping others. Their work is essential and what they do is currently been transformed into new levels after the COVID-19 pandemic disaster which has affected the entire world.

We’re trying to raise £10,000 to support the continued efforts of Médecins Sans Frontières. Here’s what the money will go towards.

  • £50 can pay for dressings kits to treat 42 war-wounded people.
  • £95 provides a year’s supply of antiretroviral drugs for one person living with HIV/AIDS.
  • £153 buys a basic surgical kit, enabling an MSF surgeon to carry out surgery.

The Final Push

92% of the journey complete, we’re definitely on the final stretch now and we’re also on the last push of the donation goal to support MSF. We’re currently at £8,432 which is a fantastic effort, so thank you all very much for your generous donations. If you’d like to support the team and MSF, check out the just giving page here – it will help them get over that finish line!

Key statistics

Distance Travelled: 37,840‬km

Journey Finished: 92.12%

Money Raised: £8,432

Countries Visited: 24 Countries

Day 23 Leader Board

  1. Dan Cumberworth – 120.01km
  2. Kimberly Langley – 107.8km
  3. Steve Smith – 100.9km

Find out more

Do you think we can do it? Please support us and donate to the Just Giving page here.

Keep updated along the way with Instagram here and track our daily progress on our map below too.

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