We have teamed up with PowerWatts, the world's most comprehensive and time-efficient indoor training system.


Introducing the first flagship center in the UK.


Driven by performance and world-class coaching.


Our brand-new cycle studio is geared with 10 bikes to take your training to the next level.

“I have completed 15 PowerWatts sessions in December 22 and it has helped me in several areas, such as overall wattage increase, pedal stoke balance at 49/51, cadence. The aim was always to be a better than I was yesterday and with excellent coaching and a great mixture of sessions PowerWatts has delivered for me.”

Marcus Stacey

Bradbury, Ex National Youth cyclist for GB and former PTI in the military

“Powerwatts is probably one of the best training tools I have used to date, after only 6 sessions my fitness is up, and my numbers are increasing by a steady maintainable rate. The workouts are varied so no two sessions are ever the same and the social element with your team, club or mates makes it much more enjoyable than a solitary training session on the turbo in the garage at home. The set up at Elevate is excellent and mixed with coach Sam, who is encouraging, knowledgeable and has a knack of pushing you through the grippy sections of the rides it makes for a truly awesome training session”

Gareth Howard

OutLaw Cycling Club

“I've completed a few PowerWatt sessions with Sam, they have been challenging, which I do enjoy. I am NOT a cyclist, however the sessions have helped me to improve my overall cardio endurance, leg strength and aerobic capacity. It's a great session if you're short for time and want to get in an effective 60/90 minute workout”

Jenny Tomei

“PowerWatts & Elevate, thank you! From being a stout anti-indoor cyclist in just a handful of sessions you’ve converted me! Intense and testing at times… but a great way to improve on all aspects from cadence drills to climbing to sprint efforts. Loved it! Will be back!” 

Matthew Tattersall

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