Elevate Member: Karen Newton

Just before lockdown, we spoke with Elevate member Karen, and Mum to Tyler, whose journey we shared with you yesterday (if you missed it read it here: https://bit.ly/TylersFitnessJourney), today we wanted to share Karen’s own fitness journey with you.

Hi Karen, please introduce yourself to everyone reading

Hi everyone, I’m Karen Newton and I am 46 years old and my hobbies include road biking, going to the gym and I also enjoy swimming.

How long have you been training at Elevate/training with Dan and Foxy?

I have known Dan for the past 3 years as my son Tyler has been training with him. They have been working on his strength and confidence due to him being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 11 months old. However, I have recently starting to do some of the lunchtime classes at Elevate.

What are your personal goals for coming to the gym?

My goals are to keep fit. It is important for me to stay strong to help my son Tyler with his mobility. But, I also find that it’s not only good for keeping active but also great for the mind too.  

How are we helping you to achieve your fitness goals?

Josh is torturing me! I do lots of road biking, swimming all sorts but my half 12 class on a Tuesday…I haven’t ached that much in years. I find at Elevate you get pushed compared to my previous gym. I also enjoy the smaller class sizes and find that it’s better working with other people as it really helps to keep me motivated.  I think if I was to train on my own, I wouldn’t push myself as hard as when there’s an instructor there.

What is it like training with Dan and Josh in their classes? 

It’s fun and you don’t feel intimidated training with them. At some gyms, I find if there’s quite an age gap or if you feel like it’s a bodybuilding gym, it can make you feel intimidated, but it’s not like here. Because of the relationship I already had with Dan through Tyler, it made me more comfortable choosing to train here. Dan, Foxy, James, and Josh are all very fit which could be daunting to a person who isn’t, but there’s really nothing to worry about, they’re fantastic, especially if you want someone to push you to achieve your goals.

Which is your favourite class at Elevate and how have you found them since lockdown?

I like to do the 12:30pm class on a Tuesday (Elevate) and I am eager to try a few others.  But since Covid I have been really impressed with how Dan and Foxy have handled it as they always ensure there is enough classes and spaces, which hasn’t been the case for some of my friends who unfortunately can’t get onto their classes.

Is there a reason you chose to train at Elevate over another gym?

I think with not being able to get into classes at my previous gym I was getting frustrated by it all and then seeing Tyler training with Dan and how they are with him it made me want to join for myself. Also, I just wanted to say that I am super impressed by how accessible it is, which is something I don’t think many people realise about Elevate.

Could you give one piece of advice to someone wanting to achieve a similar fitness goal?

I would say just give it a go. Try it for yourself and see how good it makes you feel.

Why not come and see what it’s all about by booking one of our classes, which you can do by clicking the link below:

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