A Beginners Guide to choosing classes

Here at Elevate we offer a wide selection of classes, tailored to fit different goals and needs, there really is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, sport-specific athletic performance or just general fitness, we can help you achieve your targets.

We’ve recently added a range of wellness and movement classes to the timetable to provide a complete fitness and wellbeing offer. Classes include Yoga, Pilates and Movement and are aimed at all levels of experience.

With such a wide range of different classes on offer it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re new to Elevate or haven’t been to a class for a while. Our beginners guide will help you to decide which classes are right for you, enabling you to mix and match your class selection throughout the week.

We suggest a good balance between full body workouts with conditioning and strengthening classes throughout the week. Our best advice if you’re not sure about a class is to give it a try and see how you get on!

Elevate Classes


This is the big functional circuit. The class combines all the elements of strength, power and fitness for an interval based full body dynamic workout. You will use a mix of functional equipment such as the sled, slam balls, Bulgarian bags, kettlebells, ski-erg and the rower.

This is a great class to choose if you’re looking to improve your general strength and conditioning with a range of equipment and exercises utilised in our one-hour classes. Don’t worry if you haven’t used the equipment before, that’s what our trainers are here for, they will guide you and give you tips on technique.



Strength, a key component to tap into your true potential. Strong combines strength, power and endurance through loaded and progressive exercises that will challenge and empower your body and mind. Improve techniques in your key and primal movements using the sled, dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells.

If your main focus is to improve your overall strength, this is the class for you.  This class focuses on progressive overload to increase your strength and performance over time. If you’re looking to increase your compound lifts, your strength on the pitch, or to simply feel stronger in general, this class will help you achieve those goals. Strength training increases lean muscle mass and bone density.



Build your stamina, increase your speed. The focus will be on cardio through a variety of exercises, usually working for 30 seconds or more. A combination of fitness and endurance will help improve the body’s ability to function and effectively. 

This is a great class for everyone from complete beginners to more experienced regulars, there’s a great friendly atmosphere, you’ll find lots of support and encouragement from others in the class. Expect to use a range of equipment including the rower, static bike, ski-erg, light weights and some running as well.

This class will help achieve goals such as improving your 5K time, playing a full 90 minutes, improving your general cardiovascular fitness and reducing your fatigue levels. Cardio training can lower blood pressure and help with weight loss. Again, if any of the exercises or equipment is new to you, we’re here to instruct and guide you.


Olympic Weightlifting

Learn the art of Olympic Weightlifting. If you’ve never lifted before and like the idea of it, come along and see what it’s all about. Olympic Weightlifting is a discipline that consists of 2 main lifts; the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. Both lifts require strength, power and mobility and is an addictive way to lift weights. Olympic Weightlifting has a direct relationship to physical performance found in all sports.

This is a great class to choose if you have a sport-specific or power-based goal. Olympic Weightlifting significantly increases your power as you are moving heavy weight with speed (Power = strength + speed). Increasing power significantly aids performance in many sports, with athletes such as Boxers, MMA fighters, American Football, Basketball and Rugby players benefiting greatly from training Olympic Weightlifting movements.

Olympic Weightliffting


Not just another Work out of the Day. WOD can build on power, strength and fitness, for an all over body workout. This will be based around either sets or reps for time, where a challenging workout will be set. It will be a mix of body weight and loaded exercise, with frequent use of kettlebells. Our trainers will suggest variations to each exercise, so if you’re just getting started or want to push yourself there’s something for everyone to aim for.

This class will push you to reach a specific goal each time, challenging your work rate and output like no other class!


Wellness Classes


Our classes involve breath, body and mind combining breathing, yoga poses and meditation they are tailored for beginners through to experienced yogis. Yoga can improve your strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is a great way of decreasing injury risk in sport and training through increasing flexibility and stability.

Gemma and Joanna are our Yoga instructors here at Elevate. Gemma teaches Hatha Yoga, whilst Joanna teaches a Vinyasa style. Both encompassing some modern mobility, remedial and rehabilitation exercises, the classes are ideal for beginners and those who are more experienced.



With an emphasis on core strength, our Pilates class concentrates on strength, general fitness and overall wellbeing. Pilates classes are focused on controlled movements to build a strong core. As a result, the body is trained to properly activate muscles and increase muscle endurance.

In addition, one can expect to burn calories, improve muscle tone, balance, posture, and flexibility. The consistent practice of Pilates also manages lower back pain and rehabilitation of injuries. This can complement your physical performance, as it reduces your risk of injury, increases your balance and control of your body during activity. This is a great class to choose if you’re completely new to exercising or coming back after an injury or break.

Our Pilates classes are run by instructor Christy, with a focus on improving core strength and to prevent or rehabilitate injuries.


Body Revive

Designed to enhance functional capability, our Body Revive classes are led by Sports Massage Therapist Ian Tennant bringing benefits of improved posture, and increased range of movement.

Learn new types of movement, to stimulate growth throughout your whole body. This class focuses on improving your mobility. With mobility, you are able to control the whole range of motion with just the muscles which is critical to exercise and sport performance. Improving your mobility improves your range of movement, which in turn reduces your risk of injury while exercising or playing sport. Ian tailors his classes for beginners and those who have more specific goals in mind.


All of our trainers will chat with you before the class and you’ll find that there’s a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere here at Elevate, where everyone supports and encourages each other throughout the class. Get in touch, we’d love to talk to you about your fitness goals and help to develop the right training plan for you.

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