Our 5 top tips for a successful return to the gym

From the 17th of May, the doors to Elevate will be open ready to welcome everyone back to our indoor classes once again. The lockdown has been tough and getting back to your normal routines, fitness-related or not, will take some time for all of us. So to help you we have put together five of our best tips for a successful return to the gym, helping you to get back on track.

1. Don’t feel you’re not fit enough

One of the biggest things we hear is “oh I need to get fitter before I start classes” and the same for PT. But what do you think is going to happen as a result of joining in classes and PT…you’ll get fitter. So try not to use that as an excuse, we all started somewhere and we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

2. Don’t expect to start where you left off

We’ve all had time away from our usual training habits and as a result, we won’t be able to hit it like we did prior to lockdown. But don’t stress, it doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of it.

3. Progressively build yourself back up to the loads you were lifting

Don’t feel disheartened when you realise you’re now lifting a lighter than before. It’s to be expected that your lean mass has likely decreased slightly during the lockdown so just keep sticking at it and you’ll be back to your pre-lockdown weight before you know it, just don’t give up.

4. Focus on your form and technique

After a few months off it’s not a bad idea to be mindful of your form and technique, especially when lifting heavy weights. This will help you to rebuild your strength and fitness.

5. Get plenty of rest

Whilst it might seem obvious, this tip tends to be the one we ignore most. Your body needs rest to help it to properly recover allowing you to reach your full potential and avoiding injury in the process.

Our indoor classes are back this Monday! Click the link below to book:

Take a look at our expert led group fitness classes – Elevate Fitness (elevatefitnessuk.com)

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