Accountability month: Setting SMART goals

Accountability month is fast approaching! Throughout the month of June, we are focusing on holding ourselves accountable to our personal goals and one tool that will prove useful to help you stick to those goals is ensuring it is SMART.

At Elevate we talk quite a bit about having goals and the different ways to maintain focus to achieve them, but now we want to give you the blueprint to making sure the goals you set are right and achievable for you.

Our trainers follow this system when setting their own goals and it’s working pretty well for them so far.

A usual goal for most people is fat reduction and to look more athletic,  but why do people only think about really doing something about it by eating healthier and hitting the gym more when the summer months are almost upon them?  Quick fixes are not real and are unsustainable, FACT!!  If it was that easy there would be no such thing as obesity and we would all look fantastic.  The reality is that it takes time to do things that can last a lifetime.

Anyway back to the system and this is not a new thing which has only just been discovered, its been around for many years.  All our goals need to be SMART, when we break down the word SMART we have a guide to achievement.


Specific – Be specific about what you want to achieve.  Having a goal of ‘I would like to be fitter’ has too wide a scope.  How are you going to get fit? What do you need to do? What do you need to learn? Where do you need to go?.

Measurable – Can you measure your way to your goal and track your progress?  How much? How many?  How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

Achievable – Is your goal actually achievable?  I’d love to fly a fighter plane going faster than the speed of sound but I know full well I will probably never do it, so its not a goal for me.

Realistic – Your goal should stretch your limits but not too far that it’s out of reach.  Are you in control of the path toward your goal?

Time – Set deadlines and milestones, make sure you see them every day.

All goals are achievable if you are realistic and specific with your goal choices, you give yourself time to achieve them and track your progress. Get making those SMART goals.

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2 thoughts on “Accountability month: Setting SMART goals”

  1. Steve says:

    I want to get stronger. And gain a bit more muscle mass.

  2. Ben says:

    I reckon for me I’d like to lose half a stone. I want to make sure I keep attending every morning and get a few evening classes in too! I know my diet is going to need to be looked at to achieve this but I think I can do this in the next month!

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