Accountability month: no more excuses

It’s accountability month at Elevate and throughout June we are working towards holding ourselves accountable to the goals we want to achieve. In this blog, we are talking excuses, something we all do yet it doesn’t usually get us very far.

On a daily basis, we all use our vocabulary to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the world, but how we talk can have a direct impact on the world in which we create and live. To follow is 3 common excuses people use to keep themselves in their comfort zone to avoid the hard work of change.

Change is good and change is natural.  So watch out for yourself using these excuses.

3 Excuses You Need To Remove From Your Vocabulary

I’m Too Busy

Absolute rubbish… we all live busy lives nowadays.  If you really want to do something you will make the time, or if you really are too busy, maybe you need to re-evaluate what is taking up your time.

I’m Too Tired

Just like the above, everybody is tired because we are busy.  Adjusting some of your lifestyle habits can help keep you alert and energised.  Sleep for 6-10 hours a day, eat a well-balanced diet and exercise.

I’m Not Good Enough or I’m Not Worthy

We are always our worst critics.  How do you know if you are not good enough until you test yourself?  Any thoughts of unworthiness come from deep insecurities of yourself which are self-made.  You are worthy and you are good enough.  Dive in and put yourself to the test.

So how often do you use these?  Watch out for it and if you do find yourself using them maybe you’re avoiding change so it might be time to ask yourself why!?

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