Accountability month: Are you accountable?

It’s accountability month at Elevate. Throughout June we are exploring what it means to be accountable and how doing so can help us to reach our goals.

Getting Accountable

One of the fastest ways to achieve your physique goal, your bench press goal, your deadlift goal, your nutrition goal, in fact any type of goal whether it’s health and fitness related, business, personal or whatever it is, is to become accountable.

If you’re not accountable to someone or something where is the drive to achieve anything?  Where is the pressure to be on the ball and do all that needs to be done to get to where you want to be?

When there is little or no accountability, things just don’t get done!  Well ok they do but at a much slower rate.  Adding accountability to achieve your goal is a personal choice to rise above your current circumstances and demonstrate the ownership required for achieving and producing results.

I See It, I Own It, I Solve It, I Do It.

Think now of some of the goals you would like to achieve, anything health and fitness. Got some?  Well whom have you placed accountable to achieving these goals?

Accountability is action.  I see it everyday.  When people have booked personal coaching sessions with us, they are accountable to us to be there and train no matter if they feel like it or not.  We are all subject to the same motivation highs and lows, the same highs and lows in energy and can’t be arsed moments.  If you’re in one of these lows we all know for a fact that going to the gym or taking a little more time to prep some food will go out of the window and we will take that easier option.

But when you’re accountable you will think twice about taking the easy option because you will be letting someone down.  Taking the easy option is always holding us back and taking us further away from where we want to be.

Think about it, a common goal for most people is to drop somebody fat and tone up a little.  But unless you change your lifestyle habits that have gotten you to where you are currently, how on earth do you think you’re going to sculpt that beach body?  This is where we need accountability.

We can be accountable to other people like I have already shown but we should be most accountable to ourselves, after all it is ourselves that want to achieve said goal.

So how can we become more accountable?

  • Set ourselves goals to achieve
  • Set time frames on these goals
  • Set rewards or punishments on these goals
  • Break up our goals into short term, medium term and long term steps
  • Become accountable to other people
  • Tell friends and family about these goals
  • Get a coach or a guide to help you
  • Share your journey with someone with the same goal and desire

Do you need to become more accountable?  Have a think.

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