What is Vinyasa yoga

Here at Elevate we offer a great range of Wellness classes, including Vinyasa Yoga, which is led by our instructor Joanna. Throughout July we’re offering a £60 package for unlimited Wellness sessions which you can click here to claim: Take a look at our expert led group fitness classes – Elevate Fitness (elevatefitnessuk.com) In this blog she wanted to share what Vinaysa is all about, along with some of the main benefits.

Vinyasa Yoga explained

Hi I’m Joanna and I teach Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa is a style of yoga where poses are connected together so that you flow from one pose to another seamlessly using breath. Vinyasa is derived from nyasa meaning “to place” and vi “in a special place” we are mindful of how we move our bodies in each moment. Breath initiates the movement in a Vinyasa class, we connect with an ujjayi breath, inhaling and exhaling in a rhythmic way through the nose. This breathing technique helps promote an overall feeling of relaxation. 

Every Vinyasa class I teach is different and the sequences are creative. Vinyasa is a great cardiovascular exercise as it can often be fast paced, moving with your breath increases your heart rate and creates heat. A consistent Vinyasa practice can help build muscle strength and tone your entire body. It helps increase flexibility, can lower stress levels, relaxes and helps to calm the mind. It is like a moving meditation! 

My yoga journey

I have been teaching Vinyasa yoga since I qualified as an instructor in 2017. My yoga journey began a couple of years earlier when I attended my first Ashtanga yoga class with a friend. I loved how my body and mind felt afterwards. After about a year of my own yoga practice I decided to become a teacher and began researching the different styles of yoga. Vinyasa with its creative continuous flow resonated with me. My classes offer a lot of options that you might wish to take depending on how you are feeling and where your energy levels are at, you may flow through all the transitions to create a lot of heat and strength in the body or you may choose to take extra time in a resting pose for a more gentle relaxed flow. Once the class is finished you will leave feeling a lot more open in the body.

Our Yoga classes take place most days so if you’d like to join us for a class then click the link below:

Take a look at our expert led group fitness classes – Elevate Fitness (elevatefitnessuk.com)

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