Accountability month: Our trainer’s goals

June is almost here which means it’s time for our Accountability month to start. Throughout this month, we are focusing on holding ourselves accountable to our personal goals. Keep reading to see how our trainers are getting involved:


“For accountability month I’m going to work on my 5k Ski time. Currently, my time is 20:06 but throughout June I’m going to work to get it down to sub 19:30”


“My goal for next month is to lift the 80kg D-Ball, currently I can lift the 60kg”.


“I want to start swimming again, so my goal is to go to the Lido in town 2 or 3 times per week”.


“I want to be able to pull 200kg on the sled, currently I can pull 175kg”.

We’ll be checking in with our trainers throughout June to see how they’re getting on and if they’re able to hold themselves accountable.. or not. You can get involved too, on your next visit simply fill out one of our accountability slips to start.

If you’d like to book a class with us to work on your goals then click the link below:

Take a look at our expert led group fitness classes – Elevate Fitness (elevatefitnessuk.com)

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