Our trainers journey into fitness: James Horne

Everyone’s journey with fitness is different and each of our trainers have been involved with different forms of exercise over the years and as a result, have developed their own unique passion for fitness. This week we’re going to be sharing our trainer Jame’s journey.

Where it all started

I started my fitness journey in 2008 with high jump in school during PE lessons. I soon realised not only was I enjoying it but I was actually pretty good, so I went and bought my first pair of spikes and started competing for west Norfolk at first and then went over to Peterborough in 2009 and have been here ever since.

Improving my personal best

Since starting my journey, my personal best has gone from 1.20m to 2.01m, competing for several clubs and counties including Windsor, Cambs, Lincs, Surrey and Leicestershire as well as competing nationally for the East of England team.

Overall I have competed in over 16 national championships and countless other county and regional championships.

How I got into PT

I started my gym work in 2016 when I fractured my L5 vertebra doing high jump, forcing me to have 8 months out and rehab using gym work. Ever since I have switched sports to American football and here we are today.

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