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Day Six

Day Six

Day Six: Indonesia

After swimming and rowing 1476km over the Bay of Bengal, we’ve landed in the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches of northern Indonesia. Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world (behind China, India and the USA) with around 270 million people. Its the largest Muslim nation on earth, home to around 12% of the worlds followers of Islam. The country of Indonesia is made up of a staggering 17,500 islands and is known for its delicious street food, history of fishing, staggeringly designed temples and snorkelling. The journey through Indonesia will be a whole new cultural delight, offering even more new sights and sounds.

In terms or our journey, 1476km was our lowest total of the week yet. In many ways this is to be expected as we reach the weekend and the team require rest days and with tomorrow being a Sunday there is potential for this to be even lower. However, the total is not to be sniffed at is just above the average daily target. With a few of the team taking a day to recover, the weeks highest daily total was posted in a single ride, with George Swallow completing 180km on the bike.

On our travels we’ve been listening to a variety of music in each country, aided by Radio Garden, a non-profit service providing radio from all around the world. Its a great way to get a feel of some of the countries we’ve been through, or simply find out some new music to train to! Here’s our pick of the station’s: Junks Radio, check back later on, to see what other music is our favourite around the world.

Staying fit in lockdown

The team is really on the move and are pushing themselves through a tough training regime. Don’t forget that aswell as covering 500km a week each, Dan and Foxy are still running their daily online classes, so do tune in on our Instagram and Facebook pages to see them. It’s so important to keep fit, especially during the lockdown – it’s much harder with restrictive spaces, lack of equipment and changes of scenery but it’s so important to keep healthy. A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to both your mental and physical well being, so while it can be hard to get motivated at this time you’ve got to push yourself. Here are some of our favourite lockdown tips from Dan and Foxy to stay fit during the lockdown.

  • You don’t need loads of specialist equipment – there are plenty of bodyweight exercises that will push you to your edge without the need for weights. Push ups, crunches, mount climbers and squats are all great and don’t forget our favourites, burpees.
  • However, when you do want some weights to push you that little bit further, why not try using water bottles for dumbells and a weighted rucksack for kettlebells.
  • Yoga and meditation are great ways to keep the body and mind healthy with limited time and space each day.
  • Of course, the best thing to do is let us take care of all the hard work and building routines, by joining one of our daily livestreamed classes.


Despite elevate being temporarily closed, that doesn’t mean that we’re stopping and neither should you. We host daily classes on our Facebook and Instagram, so tune in live or catch up with them here.

Keep updated with us at Elevate by visiting our Facebook and Instagram.

Key statistics

Distance Travelled: 11,300‬km

Journey Finished: 27.51%

Money Raised: £3,635

Countries Visited: 15 Countries

Day 6 Leader Board

  1. George Swallow – 180km
  2. Kimberley Langley – 104km
  3. Darren Fox – 101km

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